Sautéed Garlic String Beans

A delicious and quick dish to inspire the mind and the soul, string beans are rich in antioxidants. Here is a healthy recipe that will have you wanting more, more, and more!!

Coconut Cauliflower And Spicy Garlic-Dill Sauce

Generally, cauliflower isn’t the first vegetable people run towards in the grocery store. So here is a fun, simple, and delicious cauliflower recipe that anyone can make. It will change your entire view of cauliflower. Best of all, it’s quick!

Windy Day Tomato Soup

Nowadays, our schedules tend to be so crazy that we need to clone ourselves just to get it all done. There have been many evenings that I’ve wished for a personal chef. If you can relate to what I am talking about, I hope this recipe will help you. It’s quicker than quick, yet still healthy and very tasty. Enjoy!