How To Cope with Change

Photo credit: NASA

Photo credit: NASA

Spectacular celestial objects dress the night sky, dazzling the eye and bringing wonder to the mind and soul. The result of violent explosions and debris from collapsed planets, a Nebula is a window into the life-cycle of the universe. These awe-inspiring celestial clouds of dust are reminders to us of the divine cycle of life. Nebulae (more than one nebula) are the graveyards and birth places of stars and eventually new solar systems. A nebula can be a region where new stars are being formed, while others are the remains of dead or dying stars. A cyclic dance of life and death, light and dark, beginning and end. This is the way of the universe.

Change occurs around us and through us at a rate in which we are never fully aware of. When we are aware, it is often because the change is abrupt and sometimes perceived as disruptive to our lives. There are two types of change. We can create change in our lives or it can be thrusted upon us. Both can be perceived as good or bad depending on the situation and our perspective.

If you are experiencing some sort of change in your life at this moment, I encourage you to empower yourself to move through your current situation with acceptance. Accept the changes in your life whether good or bad. Use the following tools to help you get empowered:

Affirmations: Either come up with your own or use this one – I am strong. I am able to manage this current situation. All will be well. (say this as many times as you feel you need to)

Take Action: do something productive that will help to distract your mind from dwelling on the current moment. It should feed your mind, body, or soul constructively and safely.

Below, I have shared two of the most silliest videos on how to cope with change. Both are short and to the point while highlighting the most important way to deal with change – humor. Especially when change is uncomfortable and/or painful, it helps to laugh, laugh, laugh. Humor heals the soul, strengthens and invigorates the mind.

Bound to a wheelchair for almost all of his life, theoretical physicist/cosmologist, Stephen Hawking shared the following words of wisdom:

1. “However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.”

2. “Life would be tragic if it weren’t funny.”

Fighting a debilitating terminal disease for almost all of his life, Stephen Hawking married twice, had children and became one of the most well-respected scientist of our age; defying all the odds and limitations placed upon him. Though his journey may not have been easy, he inspires us to always keep pressing ahead, to dig deep and find the possibilities within us and to always look on the brighter side of life. Enjoy!


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