How To Create Balance In Your Life

wpid-20140420_153646.jpgThe concept of “balance” in our lives seems to elude most of us. Over working, neglecting our health and well-being, taking little to no time off, minimal time spent with family and loved ones, the continuous promise of a moment spent alone – this has become the daily formula for success. Life sometimes seems like a never-ending juggling act whose reward is stress and a pounding headache.

I can relate to this challenge of creating balance in life; especially when we have to manage constant everyday distractions. Here are four steps I use on a monthly basis to create balance in my life and help keep me on track:

1. Make a detailed list of the current state of your life (career, family, relationships, money etc.).

2. Define what “balance” means to you (be realistic and honest with your self); What does balance look like?

3. Make a detailed list of the things in your life you would like to improve.

4. Take small steps toward all that you desire.

We shouldn’t wait for a dramatic life changing situation, incident, or serious health issue to give us perspective on life. The opportunity to create balance in our lives is abundant in every moment of the day. I encourage you to think of your life in a different way, starting today. To help you get inspired, watch this funny and brilliant TED talk by Nigel Marsh on “Work-Life Balance.

Enjoy a life well lived!


An excerpt from Living a Life of Awareness by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.


Life always gives us choice, even when we don’t realize it. Whatever is happening in our lives, our choice lies in how we respond. Without awareness, we fall into our automatic reactions or habits, and we surrender that choice. This is the difference between “I have to” and “I want to”. For example, I’ve chosen to go to work because I have chosen to fulfill that responsibility in my life. If I see working through the filter of “I have to”, then it will be difficult for me to enjoy what I am doing, because I am relinquishing choice and forcing myself to do something. But if I see working through the filter of “I want to”, it is because I have placed my intent in that direction; I am working willingly. Remembering this makes all the difference in the world. Recognize you always have a choice, and once you’ve made a decision, follow through without resistance. You don’t “have to” do anything; but you do choose to do many things, for many different reasons. 

PRACTICE: What do you choose to do today? No matter what happens, good or bad, be aware that you have a choice about how you’ll respond. With awareness, see your daily activities, see your daily activities as opportunities to choose how you want to proceed in life. 

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