Just Let Go!

New MoonToday, is a New Moon, a phase of the moon that happens once a month. We now understand that phases of the moon affect the tides of the oceans, animal behavior, as well as things like a farmer’s ability to plant and/or harvest a crop. One could say that if the moon affects every other living thing on this planet, surely it has some affect on humans. While I can not say what that affect is, I can share with you my monthly practice of setting intentions/wishes during the new moon in order to create the life you desire.

Each month, during the new moon, I write down up to ten (10) intentions/wishes for myself. These intentions/wishes are short term or long term goals that help me build and maintain the life I desire. They can be really small or really big and there are absolutely no limits to these intentions/wishes. I connect my intentions/wishes to the energy the month is bringing and I put them in a journal for review later. This exercise keeps me focused and then I have something to refer to each month that keeps my accomplishments on track.

This months new moon takes place in the constellation of Leo and brings passion and creativity (so my intention might be something like : “…expressing my creativity in ways that are appreciated by others…”). In this constellation, it is said to foster the call to LET GO and brings lessons of how to: LIVE in the moment, STRENGTHEN your self confidence, CREATE your own destiny, BE who you really are, and FOLLOW your heart.

We all know this is easier said than done. When it comes to “letting go”, some of us would rather die than change, learn, or grow. Sometimes we hold very tightly to jobs that no longer bring joy, relationships that no longer serve us, and behaviors that no longer represent who we are. From our cold dead hands; we will not let go of these things. Then, in what seems to be a surprise, something happens that forces us to let go of the very thing we thought we could never live with out. We are left feeling alone, fearful, and in some cases haunted by pain.

 To help you along your journey, here is some FOOD FOR THOUGHT: (Excerpt from Living A Life Of Awareness by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.) I know that whenever the fear of change takes hold of me, it means I have created an attachment to something outside of myself. In change, the world I know can disappear, forcing me to go into the uncomfortable darkness of not knowing. But change is inevitable, and it arises time and time again through out our lives; a relationship ends, we lose a job, leave a home, get a new wrinkle, a graying hair, or experience the death of a loved one. If you look at all the things and ideas you have become attached to, you will find that your identity is entwined in these attachments. Fear comes when these attachments are threatened in some way, because you have interpreted these attachments as being an inherent part of yourself, when they are actually arbitrary and ephemeral. PRACTICE – With awareness, notice how every time you cling to an object or an idea, you are in essence defending your definition of self. Release this attachment by remembering you are far greater that any object or idea you even encounter. Let it go with ease and grace. 

That excerpt inspired my TOOLS TO LETTING GO:

  • Faith: Believe in yourself and your abilities. Everything will work out. It has and always will.
  • Courage/Fearlessness: Remember that you are brave! Why? We wake up everyday to a life on a planet that is spinning in the middle of nowhere, exposed to all the known & unknown elements of the universe.
  • Acceptance: be in the moment right now; acknowledge that you are here and that only you have the power to change anything you want (your perspective, your responses, your vision etc.)
  • Detachment: disconnect from the attachments you have; disconnect from what you say you can not live without and realize – you are a magnificent and powerful being who possess everything you need to achieve what you want.

This is LETTING GO! And in letting go, you can have fun, you can welcome joy into your life, you can play, you can BE HAPPY! Whether in love, career, health, or I encourage you to set your life intentions this month and design the life you truly want.

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