How Are You Feeling?

wpid-img_20150531_115017.jpgEach month, for the past two years, I’ve managed a monthly communication in which I have shared motivational and inspirational life tips. I call these tips: Food For Thought. The mailing list has grown considerably and so it only seems right that I would move it here to my blog and share my them with you, my readers. Enjoy!

As we go about our days, we often forget to check in within ourselves. We forget to acknowledge those feelings or emotions that may have become muddled or silenced while we were busy with the details of life and living. Anger, fear, disappointment, dreams deferred, unaccomplished tasks, resentment and other feelings/emotions pile up inside of you and become “weapons of destruction”. These weapons seek to destroy the vision of your everyday lifestyle and erode the foundation you need to build and manifest your soul’s intentions.

I encourage you to take a moment and check in with yourself. How are you REALLY feeling?


An excerpt from Living a Life of Awareness by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.


Beliefs don’t have an independent existence; they are not “out there” in the universe somewhere, but rather reside only in our minds. We give beliefs power the moment we agree with them, when we say to ourselves, “This is true.” But since we are ever-changing beings, our beliefs will necessarily change, too. When we try to hold on to beliefs that no longer serve us, the result is suffering. 

Trying to hold on to old beliefs just because they’re familiar is easy to do; we prefer the known to the unknown; the status quo that’s OK to the new adventure that might fail. But following your heart will never lead you astray. The war can be over anytime you want. 

PRACTICEThe next time you find yourself struggling, look at the belief you’re trying to hold on to and ask yourself: Do I really believe this? Is holding this belief making me happy? Does it feel true to me? 

Taking the time to identify these points of discord will help you shape the way forward, making sure your actions are in line with what you believe in the here and now. 

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