Live In Gratitude…Fill Your Heart With Happiness!

wpid-textgram_1427647334_morning.jpgCongratulations!! You woke up this morning. You have been blessed with more opportunity. You are being given another chance at life.

What does this day mean? It means you are stronger than your current circumstances and you deserve this blessing. Today you are being given another chance to start again, to think about new ways of doing things and of managing life’s challenges. Today is a gift of opportunity to practice something different and take more steps in manifesting and living the best version of your life. Today is another opportunity for you to feel blessed. It is an opportunity for you to live in gratitude. From the smallest to the biggest – what are you thankful for?

Daily Practice:
Starting today, write down everything you feel grateful for; even if you are only grateful for one thing.

When you are done, reread your list. Even if that list consists of only one thing – revel in that blessing(s) that you have. How does it make you feel? Take a moment to enjoy that feeling.

Supported by that feeling, as you move into your day, try to look for even the tiniest blessing you may have and add it to the list you have already started. At the end of the day, and before you close your eyes to go to sleep, reread your list. Say the following words of power to yourself: “I am blessed to have all that I have…”.

Repeat this exercise again the next day, for 7 days and see where this gratitude journey takes you.

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