Meditation (A Life Tool)

Symbol of spiritual purity.

Lotus Flower: symbol of spiritual purity.

In this extremely fast paced, hectic and often distracting world that we live in today, meditation is a life tool that we can use to weed out the noise, to balance ourselves and promote optimal physical health. Simply described, meditation is a healing practice of training the mind. One of my favorite explanations on meditation comes from the Kadampa Meditation Center, which you can read here.

Meditation is not just a mystical quest for enlightenment. There are very practical uses for meditation. Besides physical, mental and emotional healing, meditation not only helps you to cultivate mindfulness, awareness and acceptance but it can also help you to gain insight and wisdom into your life path, develop non-attachment, see through illusions, and develop unconditional love of yourself and others.

If you would like to start your own meditation journey, I encourage you to join this beautiful upcoming FREE 21-day meditation series from the profound mystic Osho entitled, “Meditation for Busy People”. Begins Friday, March 13th – click here to join.

Or try this FREE upcoming 21-day meditation series from spiritual leader Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey, “Manifesting True Success”. Begins Monday, March 16th – click here to join.

You can even try both at the same time! We all meditate in our own way. Find your way – find your practice today!

P.S.: Other healing techniques that go well with a meditation practice: Aromatherapy, music, breathing techniques, yoga, and chanting.

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