It’s simple really – when creating a sustainable holiday, just say NO to the following:

–          Styrofoam

–          Styrofoam

–          Styrofoam (Expanded Polystyrene): this stuff doesn’t break down in the environment. Styrofoam with the recycle #6 breaks down after eons but does not leave enough material behind to make a new product thus the waste builds up in the environment.

It is best if you purchase glass, recyclable, compostable or biodegradable goods but if you are unable to do so then here are some tips and alternatives:


Plastic with NO number for recycling cannot be recycled. If you’re purchasing plastic ware, #5 would be the best choice. Recycling numbers represent the type of resin used to make the plastic and where/how the plastic can be recycled.

Some eco-friendly and healthy choices:

–  Preserve sells beautiful recyclable plastic ware and has an amazing recycling program. A Brooklyn NY based company, Susty Party creates responsibly made, eco-friendly party supplies and compostable tableware.


When you buy paper goods, keep in mind that only certain types of paper goods are recyclable. Things like pizza boxes, napkins, paper towels, and wet paper cannot be recycled as they have been contaminated with oil, cleaning products and other contaminates. When you purchase paper goods it is best if they are biodegradable or compostable so that they break down easier in the landfill.

Eco-friendly and healthy choices: Branch Home designs beautiful sustainable home décor; they have elegant disposable ware for any sustainable party Verterra sells stylish, sustainable and compostable disposable dinnerware


Aluminum foil and aluminum cans are recyclable. Researchers have differed in opinions on the health effects of cooking with aluminum and the effects of the metals leaching into food on humans. This continues to be a debate.

Eco-friendly and healthy choices: Need those aluminum pans for your holiday event? Party City has aluminum pans made from recycled aluminum.   World Centric sells compostable food service disposable goods and food packaging products

You will find in your local super markets sustainable, compostable, recyclable, and biodegradable choices for disposable ware. While some of these choices may be slightly higher in price than its non earth friendly counter part, it is worth the investment to help keep our planet clean for future generations to come. In addition, though some of these choices may not be as chic as their non eco-friendly counter parts, with a little imagination and creative energy, you can have a stylish, eco-friendly holiday. We can’t wait to share our sustainable Thanksgiving day table with you!

Happy holidays and I hope this information will be valuable to you when planning your sustainable holiday.


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