Life’s Delights

NYC has survived Hurricane Sandy and in her violent departure I am quickly reminded of those things that are most important. As we slowly recover, I am reminded of those things that we tip toe over and dance around in our busy day-to-day lives. I call them “life’s delights”.

It is life’s delights that go virtually unnoticed to all of us, until they are taken away. These delights cannot be defined by how much money you make or the level of education you obtain. They cannot be purchased or ordered online. The simply exist in everyday spaces of our lives, there to be enjoyed; there to give comfort and shine like beacons of light through whatever life has in store for us. Their purpose: to enhance your life and bring you closer to your inner peace and happiness – connecting you with the necessary tools you need to create your ideal existence.

For me, successfully living a healthy lifestyle means that you are happy in everything that you do and that you enjoy every moment of your journey. No matter how tiny these life delights might be or how insignificant they may seem, it is important to maintain your awareness of these moments. Your life’s moments should always be accounted for.

Here are some of my “life delights” that I have accounted for:

– Eating a warm brownie with two scoops of ice-cream on a cold windy day

– Listening to music with my daughter

– Sitting in front of a window enjoying the colors of the fall leaves

– When no one is home and I walk around the house naked

What moments have you accounted for?

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