Watermelon Mint Juice

Fresh squeezed Watermelon and Mint juice

TOOL BOX: (the hardware)

ESSENTIALS: (ingredients)

  • 1 Medium Organic Watermelon (Seedless if you can find)
  • 2 bushes Organic Mint

AT THE HELM: (Instructions)

Rinse off the watermelon. Slice up all of the watermelon (contrary to what most people think the rind is eatable – white or light green part that has a bitter taste; your choice if you want to use it) and place in the juicer. Thoroughly wash the Mint and place into the juicer (stems and all).

This makes two (2) 24 oz. containers of fresh juice depending on the size of your watermelon (enough for two days of breakfast or one day of breakfast and one dessert).


Why Juice? Why Organic?

Juicing fruits and veggies gives you access to more of the vitamins and nutrients that are available in the produce because you are using almost all of the parts (seeds, skin, stems etc. ).  Organic fruit and veggies eliminate the pesticides and other chemical content found in non-organic produce. It’s a “No Brainer”!


  • Watermelon is a great source of Vitamin C and Beta Carotene. Because it contains 92% water it is a tasty way to flush out the toxins in your body (acting as a natural diuretic, sending you on numerous “bio-breaks”).
  • Mint is a powerful herb that has been used to treat stomach aches, congestion, amongst other medicinal uses. It has also been used in others ways such as an ingredient in cosmetic products, aromatherapy, and insecticides.

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