Juicer vs. Juicer

Dash Juicer from Store Bound

The market is flooded with tons of juicer choices. I’ve recently been asked, what is the best juicer for juicing?

The answer to this question is simple. Choose the juicer that will best suit your needs. For example,  as a “juicing newbie”, I needed a juicer that would do the following:  

  • Be easy to clean (I don’t want to scrub out carrot bits from 10 different juicer parts)
  • Keep the fresh juice in a neat container instead of spraying it all over my apartment
  • Will extract the juice out of any fruit or vegetable (even if I leave the skin on)
  • High powered engine that can handle any fruit or vegetable

Armed with this criteria, I immediately ran out of my house to purchase my first juicer. There were about 14 different juicers on the shelf that day. I identified two (2) that fit the criteria I was looking for. I used my smart phone to google the consumer ratings of both juicers and after comparing them I made my final decision. I purchased the DASH juicer by Store Bound (approx. $110). The Dash not only has the criteria I was looking for, it also has a locking arm (for easy carry from place to place), juice pitcher and removable froth separator. With two speed levels (powder and dust) it doesn’t talk or walk; a simple juicer – the strong silent type. It was love at first sight!

If you are in the market for a new juicer, you don’t have to make your choice “gorilla style” the way I did. Spend some time online researching and reviewing consumer reports or get recommendations from people you know and trust. Whatever you decide, make sure your criteria is simple and cost effective for you – you should not go into debt over this purchase.

Happy Juicing!

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