New Beginnings and Buckets of Abundance

ImageMy sincere apologies for not continuously updating this blog. 
In the last year, I have been blessed with a fantastic job in marketing, have taken part in some amazing projects, met extraordinary people, and have had some really awesome experiences. One of my biggest challenges throughout this year has been acclimating my previous lifestyle and schedule with my new one. But the journey has been a ton of fun!  
I am really excited and will be re-designing this blog complete with a new site name but the focus will remain the same:
  • Healthy, organic and easy recipes (for a hectic lifestyle)
  • 101’s of cooking (easy steps to help you on your cooking journey)
  • Natural products and resources that I use to make my life easier
  • Photo Inspirations 

I can’t wait to share my journey with you so stay tuned, and I hope you will enjoy! 

 – “Live passionately, live healthy, and live life”!

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