Chappaqua Toffee Company – Oh! How I love thee!

I recently received a sample of this delicious – No! Correction – “scrum-delumptious” chocolate covered – almond toffee (these are the words you will use after you’ve had a taste of this delight). Yes! This toffee is covered in milk chocolate but also has a dark-chocolate counterpart.

I have not always been a toffee fan but, Chappaqua Toffee Co. has made me a convert. The toffee is the perfect consistency – not to hard and not too soft. When I opened the package, the sweet milk chocolate and buttery toffee aroma  leapt out of the bag and hypnotized me! Yummmmm! The toffee pieces are in perfect bite size morsels. I got so hooked on this amazing delight that I ordered another 7 ounce box ($12.00 plus shipping and handling) the very next day.

Chappaqua Toffee makes a great gift for any occasion or even just a little midnight snack (when no one can see you licking the last bit of toffee crumbs from the bottom of the container).  This holiday I plan to serve Chappaqua Toffee as one of my after dinner dessert choices.

Those of you with allergies BEWARE: all of the toffee contains nuts.

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