On those days when I feel like wearing make-up, I use mineral based powered make-up. I switched over to these healthier alternatives years ago to minimize the use of chemicals on my skin. One thing I didn’t change were the brushes that I used to apply the make-up. Until now, I had not found a suitable alternative to the synthetic brushes I was using. Either the natural brushes that I tried shed profusely or they were just too dag-on expensive.

On a recent trip to Duane Reade (for toothpaste); I discovered Eco-Tools. Paris Presents newest eco-friendly bath and cosmetic accessories line, is designed by actress, writer, and eco-activist – Alicia Silverstone. Eco-tools brushes are simply AMAZING. Even though I had read about these beauty tools when they launched last year on Alicia’s blog (The Kind Life), I am a “believe it when I see it” kind of girl.

So speaking from experience these stylish eco-friendly beauty tools are soft on your skin, provide maximum coverage, and provide an even distribution of the product – creating a flawless look. The pics you see are the two products that I purchased. Both come with the most adorable hemp carrying case. Duane Reade sells eco-tools from $3.99 to $11.99. Not only are the products inexpensive, they are high quality items, and they help to reduce your impact on our planet earth.

How many products do you own that reduce your impact on the environment?

Pick up your own set of Eco tools! To find a retailer near you go to

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