A Tale of a Hectic Schedule…

For the last two months my family and I have been entirely consumed by a highly competitive High School search (that includes auditions, interviews, open houses and school tours); complete with really late nights and thus no time to make a home-cooked meal.

This weekend marked the end of our schizo schedule and as we reach the last leg of this search, we will happily return to our normal hectic schedules (which has actually started to look relaxing). I am extremely excited to get back to cooking for my family and sharing my health food experiences with you.

During our high school search, our day usually ends around 11:30 PM, so we’ve had to eat out every night (a very expensive and unhealthy diet to maintain). I am absolutely positive that our bodies are screaming for relief and reprieve.

So this weekend (to recover from this insane schedule), I prepared a few meals that were absolutely delicious and has also helped to cleanse out our system and get our bodies back on track toward peek healthy performance. Some of the dishes I made – Sauteed Garlic Stringbeans, BBQ Sesame Tofu, Noir Candied Yams, and of course a big Green Salad (all of which I will share with you shortly – I want to make sure those measurements are perfect).

I realized this weekend that with my laundry list of “to do’s”, I have truly forgotten how to reward my self by unwinding and truly enjoying life as it is in the moment. So I decided to treat myself and unwind by gathering with a few friends and attending a Saké tasting at SAKAYA (324 E. 9th Street btwn 1st & 2nd Ave.) and eating a perfectly designed Thai meal at the newly opened Lotus of Siam (24 Fifth Avenue, NYC). Both contributed to my perfect Friday night of feeding my mind, body, and soul.  

How do you recover from a hectic schedule? Do you have any healthy “must do’s” when you have down time?

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