Herbs and Spices 101-Knock! Knock! Who’s Dill?

Herb or Spice?


History, Folklore & Properties

Even though it can be found all year-round now, Dill is native to southern Russia, western Asia, and eastern Mediterranean. It is grown and used for its seeds as well as its feathery leaves. Taken back to Rome during the empire’s expansion, it was thought to be a plant that signified good omens. The herb was used in breads, celebrated and thought to be a flavor of the gods. Laurels of the flower were also used to crown returning soldiers during victory.

Taste & Flavor

Dill has a very clean taste of anise and parsley. It is a very mild herb and works very well with fish, root vegetables, potatoes, and seafood. This herb will dance on your palate the same way its leaves sway in a cool Mediterranean sea breeze. CAUTION: when using this herb in a hot meal, add it toward the end of the meal to avoid destroying the taste. However, the seeds are strong enough to crush, grind, and add at the start of a hot dish.


In ancient Rome, Dill was first used as a digestive aid and as a mild sedative.

Magic & Potions

Dill seeds are believed to be useful to gain luck in love, winning in court cases, and also for warding off disease and sickness. For luck in love it is said that you should soak the seeds in water for three to five days and use the water during a bath. To win a court case, write the names of all the parties on paper in red ink, wrap the paper in red silk, and then sprinkle it with some dill seeds and coriander seeds. Then keep this charm in a cold/dark place for 9 days before the court date or until you have won your case. To help Ward off Illness, carry dill seeds, Flax Seeds, a pair of Lodestones, and an Angelica Root in a red flannel bag.

In my Opinion

While researching Dill weed, the “magic & potions” application intrigued me the most. I started to wonder if Lindsay Lohan could benefit from carrying around dill seeds. Truthfully, I don’t know if Dill seed can actually help anyone win their court cases or make them healthy but, I do know for a fact that dill weed taste amazing in pasta salad with cherry tomatoes, fresh Basil, grated parmesan, and a pinch of salt to taste.

Cooking is journey. Eating is a passion.

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