Why the heck should I care about Herbs and Spices?

Recently, I have been researching the properties and appropriate uses for many of the herbs and spices that I use in my cooking. Many of you have inquired why I have been writing about the basics of herbs and spices. It may not seem very glamorous but mastering the use of herbs and spices is very important; especially when cooking a vegan or vegetarian meal. Do you know what will happen if you add too much Saffron to a meal? Should dried Rosemary be crushed or whole in a meal?

In addition to their amazing taste, herbs and spices also have healing powers and when used correctly can turn a meal into pure magic. If a chef has mastered the proper use of herbs and spices, he/she can invoke “pure euphoric silence” during a first bite, make lovers fall in love, or make a strange place feel like home again. Herbs and spices are integral elements connecting the eater to the experience of the food as well as the eaters own personal experiences.

Though I have only accomplished the “euphoric silence”, I am striving everyday to create meals that bring a little magic into the minds and bellies of those who eat them. I am very excited to share that journey with you.

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