Grandma’s Chocolate Dream Part II

After a hard day of work, I came home and just wanted to unwind. After putting my favorite playlist on loop, I raided my refrigerator looking for a little snack to hold me over until dinner time. I was suddenly reminded of my “Grandma’s Chocolate Dream” dessert; as I had wrapped up a ganache filled pie crust over the weekend. Placing it on the table, wrapped all pretty, I was afraid of what it would look like when I opened it. When I first made this dessert (this past Friday) the graham cracker crust couldn’t hold the ganache (due to what I now know as the “cooling factor”). That was the reason I placed it in the fancy glass.

Imagine my surprise when I unwrapped the pie and discovered that the ganache had become a dense chocolaty filling; the crust would now hold! I cut a slice from the pie and placed it on a plate and ran to my freezer to obtain the one item that would make this moment complete – Vanilla Bean ice cream

As a sat down on my couch and ate the first bite, I realized that this dessert was truly – Grandma’s chocolate dream. All it took was a little TIME for the chocolate to settle (24 hours to be exact) in order to become the perfect dessert. TIME – how long it took me to grasp the concept of making a dessert. TIME – how long it took my Grandma Ruth to teach me. TIME – the element that is often overlooked when our lives feel like they have fast forwarded without us.  

Thank you, Grandma Ruth for the TIME!

Oh, YES is the answer to your question.

Not only did I finish that last bite – I also licked the plate!

Cooking is a journey. Eating is a passion.

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