Chocolate Dreams

Sitting in my grandmother’s kitchen as a little girl, I learned how to make a variety of dishes; everything from a roast chicken to vegan stir fry. I’ve applied the techniques that she taught me to making delicious vegetarian meals for my family and friends. Unfortunately, one thing that I did not learn from her was how to make really great desserts. Grandma Ruth made awesome desserts. I just never had a chance to learn her techniques. I like to think that a little of her dessert knowledge exists somewhere deep down inside of me. Though the fact remains, desserts are a great challenge for me.

Today, after a very productive morning, I went grocery shopping and came back home to work. Instead of actually doing work, I sat on my couch and fell asleep. I had a dream (no pun intended) that I was standing in my grandmother’s kitchen making a very delicious chocolate dessert. I woke up to Fresh Direct banging on my door to deliver my weekend groceries.

So – get ready! Get set! I am going to attempt to duplicate that recipe.

I wonder what it will taste like???

P.S. My sister and her friend are coming for a visit tonight and (they don’t know it yet) I am planning to test the recipe on them. Provided we don’t get ill, I might just have to break open a bottle of champagne and set aside a slice for grandma.

2 thoughts on “Chocolate Dreams

  1. Oh what a difference Fresh Direct makes. Do you find that you miss the “touch and feel” portion of the shopping experience this way or does the sheer convenience make up for it? Can’t wait until they decide Jersey City is worthy! 🙂

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