Dinner at Five Napkin Burger

So, tonight I went to Five Napkin Burger, in New York City. Five Napkins is known for its 10oz burgers dressed in all sorts of things from caramelized onions to bacon. It is said that these great burgers are “way too juicy for just one napkin”, hence the name Five Napkin Burger. I do not eat meat so you can probably tell that this was not my choice for dinner. I decided to be adventurous and see if such a place could take care of a picky vegetarian like me.

When the menu arrived, I was surprised to see such things as the “5napkin veggie burger”.

Vegetable Roll (off the Sushi Maki Roll Menu)…

…and for all the pescetarians – The Lobster Sliders (with Fries – yum!)

They also have Mac and Cheese, a bunch of Green Salads, and various vegetable sides. I ordered the vegetable roll and the lobster sliders. Both dishes tasted great and filled my belly to the brim! Seriously, I couldn’t move and all I wanted to do was go to sleep.

P.S.: I washed that meal down with a crappy Apple Pie a la mode. And next time (when pigs fly) I would ask the servers to allow me to swallow my food FIRST before they remove my plates from the table. All in all I would rate this experience a 3 out of 5 pinches (5 being the best vegetarian meal, 3 because I really enjoyed the company at the table).

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