Have a love affair!

Cooking at home is like a love affair! Some days you will adore it and on other days you just won’t want to be bothered. There will be good meals and bad.

Your kitchen is like your lover. Gather all of your passion and touch it, feel it up, and if it’s not working for you – trade it in for a different model (or upgrade it). In return, your lover will pleasure you with delectable bites, scrumptious morsels, and tasty treats. Of course if you decide to forge a long term love affair, you will need to put in some extra work to keep things fresh and creative.  

If you are new to cooking or you just have not been able to forge that great love affair with your kitchen, the next couple of posts will help you awaken that passion, excite your lover and get you started on your cooking journey. We will begin with the basics. What type of equipment will you need? What techniques should you learn? How do you keep your lover interesting?

Until my next post, go into your kitchen and just stand inside of it (for as long as you can). Do you notice everything inside of it? Do you know where everything is? Is there anything in your kitchen? Open its draws and grab the handles of the cabinets. Run your hands over the refrigerator and cabinet doors. Feel the counter top with your finger tips. Light the burners on the stove (I hope you know how to do that and don’t forget to turn them off). Bend down on your hands and knees and touch the floor. Lay on it and think about all the fabulous things you will create together. Think about all the journey’s you will go on.  

Are you excited? Good, because the next time we are in your kitchen you will be wooing it into submission and prepping it for a food voyage.

Stay excited!



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